Do I Have a Problem?

You may have read the above information, and while it sounds good, you are probably wondering if it really applies to you. The fact that you are considering that you might have a problem is a positive first step. After all, you can’t get help if you never admit there is a problem.

The following questions will help you to decide if you really do have a problem. Please be honest with yourself, and remember there is help available right now. At (813) 421-3604, we are always just a phone call away.

  1. Do you drink alcohol or take drugs every day?
  2. Have you ever used prescription drugs to feel high?
  3. Have you ever made the decision to quit using alcohol or drugs and then were unable to follow through with it?
  4. Have friends or family members expressed concern that you might have a drug or alcohol problem?
  5. Have you ever lost time or blacked out due to alcohol or drug use?
  6. Do you use drugs or alcohol while you are alone?
  7. Have you ever missed work because of drugs or alcohol, either because you were too high to go or because you were too busy obtaining drugs or alcohol?
  8. Do you frequently feel like you need to apologize after you drink alcohol or use drugs?
  9. Do all of the people around you use drugs and/ or alcohol most of the time?
  10. When you wake up, is the first thing you think about taking a drink or using drugs?
  11. Have you stopped doing activities you enjoy because of drugs or alcohol?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might have a problem. If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, you will almost certainly need expert help to break free of your addiction. Please don’t suffer the pain of addiction for another day. Call us at (813) 421-3604 to start your road to recovery.


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